Author Topic: MIcrosoft Will Still Support Windows Phone - For Now  (Read 577 times)

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MIcrosoft Will Still Support Windows Phone - For Now
« on: May 16, 2017, 04:41:25 AM »
At the latest Build conference, Micorosft spent quite a bit of time talking about it's move into the Android and iOS markets as they are pushing their applications to platforms that people are actually using. They didn't mention their own mobile OS much at all, and that made some people nervous. They questioned Microsoft about it to which they responded that they will continue to support their own platform. Historically, Microsoft apps have been available for iOS and Android first and eventually make it to Windows phone. This gap will continue to widen until they realize that nobody cares if it makes it to Windows Phone. That will take about a month. 

   With the significantly higher number of users on iOS and Android compared to Windows 10 Mobile, it’s understandable that Microsoft would want to offer their services and products to those using those ecosystems. This often frustrates Windows phone users though as it can appear that Microsoft favors offering support for other companies’ mobile devices over their own.Source: ONMSFT

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