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Streaming users share passwords
« on: May 26, 2017, 06:40:40 AM »
Chances are good the trend of sharing passwords between family members and friends for streaming services could be the next big issue that companies like Netflix have to tackle. In a study that was recently conducted it was revealed that over half of people who were paying for a streaming service like Netflix were sharing their password with someone else. So far most streaming services have said that they don't see sharing accounts as a problem, but I'm sure some consultant will draw them up a bar graph eventually and show them just how much they could be making if everyone was forced to have their own account. The Streaming Observer has more on the story.

   There’s no denying that the television landscape is changing the days, with cable TV putting up dismal numbers (their worst ever, actually). But as more people migrate to streaming video, the scenery there is changing as well.   Nearly 3 out of every 4 (72% exactly) Americans who have cable also have access to at least one streaming service and 8% of cable subscribers plan to eliminate their service in the next year. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re paying for their streaming service. New numbers from a study conducted by Fluent show that the majority of Americans are sharing passwords to their streaming video services. Well over half of millennials (aged 18-34) – 60% –  are either using someone someone else’s password or giving their password to someone else.  And just under half – 48% – of non-millennials are doing the same.

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