Opera Free Unlimited VPN Comes to Android


VPNs are wonderful things as they help keep you encrypted end-to-end and stop companies from tracking your location, IP address and more. The problem is that many VPNs charge for bandwidth or have a monthly fee. Opera previously launched Opera VPN for iOS after they acquired SurfEasy, and now they are bringing all the VPN goodness to Android. Of course if you have the VPN running, Netflix will probably block you - but hey, it's free and you can try it out on your Android Device simply by going to the Google Play store at the link below.

With Opera VPN, you get:
• One of the fastest, most reliable VPN services
• Unblocked access via your choice of five virtual locations (with more coming soon)
• The ability to determine WiFi network security level, as well as connection encryption and protection from threats 
• A built-in ad tracker blocker to stop advertisers from following you around the web

Source: Google Play