7th Gen AMD Processors Now Shipping


AMD has been out of the performance-race for a while now, but their new AM4 socket and Zen CPUs aim to change all of that. The first thing they are shipping however is their ultra-efficient CPUs that are based on their new Excavator cores and they come in 35-watt and 65-watt flavors. AMD claims that they offer better performance than you typically get out of a 90-watt chip. This may not seem like a lot to the average consumer - but when you're building a data array and need 2000+ cpus, this really adds up.

The efficiency angle is a familiar one for AMD, and not surprising given that it's the company's main advantage. You're still looking at higher-end Intel Core i5 and i7 chips if you're focused on raw performance in a desktop. With that said, this may be worthwhile if you want a glimpse at AMD's future. The 7th-gen A-series is the first processor line based on AMD's new AM4 platform and the interfaces that come with it, including support for USB 3.1 and NVMe solid-state drives.

Source: Engadget