Candy Crush Game Show


I wish it were April 1st, because this makes more sense as a practical joke than a real idea. It's true though that Candy Crush is set to become a game show. For real. While the game has been incredibly popular, I have no idea how it would even make a game show. CBS is teaming up with Candy Crush maker, King Games as well as Lionsgate to pull this off. Reality TV and Game Shows is why North America is struggling as a nation - and why Justin Trudeau, Hillary Clinton and Donal Trump are prominent politicians.

This move follows the recent successes of retro-style game shows like Celebrity Family Feud as well as mobile game crossovers like the Angry Birds movie and the upcoming Fruit Ninja feature. This is what we get for complaining about how Hollywood was only interested in rebooting existing franchises.

Source: Engadget