Dogs, not Flying Drones to Deliver Goods


Boston Dynamics has been working with Robotic Dogs instead of flying drones and it seems that this technology is closer to completing than flying drones. In fact, they claim that they are 70% through testing and plan to make product deliveries with these four-legged creatures rather than flying drones. While all this is pretty nifty, the last thing we need is a pack of metal dogs running through cities causing havoc. The robots will probably kill us all anyhow, but let's not speed up the process.

The Google-owned firm is well known for its lifelike (read: terrifying) robots, including Spot the four-legged canine-like machine, and at this week's TED2017 conference, its boss revealed Spot has been delivering parcels strapped to its back to employees' front door.

"We've been taking our robot to employees' homes to see whether we could get in the various access ways," said Marc Raibert, founder and chief executive of Boston Dynamics, at the event. "We're doing very well, about 70 per cent of the way."

Source: Wired