Apple Needs to Build a Real Tower


Apple is back to working on a new Desktop Macintosh that aims to replace and update the "Slurpee Cup" design that was actually pretty incredible. There has been no new desktop hardware for quite a while and the Macbook Pro is a glorified iPad/Chromebook hybrid in terms of computing power. People have been building some pretty sweet "Hackintosh" rigs for a while to fill the gab and it's time that Apple listened and put together something incredibly powerful for their customers.

Once the Intel hardware actually started launching, “OSx86” projects began to crop up in earnest. Early efforts were pretty buggy and nasty; few GPUs were actually supported, it was almost never possible to apply system updates without breaking everything because you had to rely on custom OS kernels, and you had to hack around the fact that most PCs were still using BIOS firmware instead of the Mac’s newer UEFI.

Source: ArsTechnica