No Surface Pro 5 Says Microsoft


Last week the Surface Laptop from Microsoft launched - and the starting price of $999 surprised a lot of people. Microsoft says that their machine is a good investment though as it is designed to last all through the four-year college term. They also say that even though there is a Surface event coming in Shanghai later this month, there is no Surface Pro 5 however. According to Microsoft the Surface Pro 4 is "a product that's going to be competitive for five years."

Does that mean there's a new fifth-generation Surface Pro on the way soon? "When it's meaningful and the change is right, we'll put it on market," he said of the still-hypothetical next Surface Pro. "Meaningful change isn't necessarily a hardware change, which is what a lot of people look for. They're like, 'Where's the latest processor?' That's not what I mean. I'm looking for an experiential change that makes a huge difference in product line."

Source: CNET