Global PC Gaming Growth Expected for Years


According to Dell, PC Gaming growth is expected for at least another 5 years. They base this hope on several factors including VR adoption as well as eSPORTS. I believe that eSPORTS holds more weight, but then again I'm not a big fan of VR. Either way, we'll likely be seeing more XPS and Alienware systems over the next few years. When we met with Dell at CES this January, they were excited on their gaming products that ranged from quite affordable to very lavish. This outlook is good news for PC makers.

Electronic sports (e-sports) and VR (virtual reality) are main growth drivers for gaming PCs, Wah said, adding gaming is becoming e-sports and this is a global trend. Continual gaming content updates push hardware developers to upgrade the specifications of gaming PCs, Wah indicated. The number of e-sports fans will increases to 145 million in 2017.

Source: Digitimes