AMD to Show off Vega and Navi GPU Tech Mid-May


AMD has been on a roll lately and come the middle of the month they are planning on showing off some new GPU hardware, codenamed Vega and Navi. Also planned for the May 16 event is a product brief about the new Zen+ CPU core as well. The amazing thing here is that the new products will be built on a new 7nm FinFET process. In many ways, AMD is way beyond Intel as far as product technology - if they can just keep nailing the performance...

AMD has teased out tantalising details about Vega over the past six months or so, although in April it indicated that graphics cards based on Vega would be coming in the current quarter to the end of June. AMD's anticipated roadmap for Polaris and Vega slipped by around six months last year. Polaris had been expected around March or April, with Vega out in the fourth quarter.

Source: TheInquirer