Hard Drive Stats for Q1 2017


Q1 is over and BackBlaze has been putting together all their numbers for hard drive failure rates from the first quarter of the year. Keep in mind that some of these drives are relatively new to their server farm, so there should be less failures on drives that are less than a year old. Still, the numbers do speak for themselves. and you really, REALLY want to stay away from Seagate 4TB drives.

You’ll notice that some of the drive models have a failure rate of “0” (zero). Here a failure rate of zero means there were no drive failures for that model during Q1 2017. Later, we will cover how these same drive models faired over their lifetime. Why is the quarterly data important? We use it to look for anything unusual. For example, in Q1 the 4 TB Seagate drive model: ST4000DX000, has a high failure rate of 35.88%, while the lifetime annualized failure rate for this model is much lower, 7.50%.

Source: BackBlaze