Day 2 - Enermax @ CeBIT 2010


We made a quick stop at Enermax on Day 2 and took a look at some of their latest and greatest products. Enermax of course is known for their power supply lineup, however they've also got a full lineup of fans, external hdd enclosures, cases, keyboards and laptop coolers. 

Enermax's new lineup of power supplies includes the new Modu87+ and Pro87+ power supplies which are both Gold certified and both have an 87% efficiency rating.


Enermax - Gold PSU
Enermax Modu87+ Power Supply

Enermax was also showing off some of their new drive enclosures that featured mesh siding (assuming that would be for helping keep the drives cooler). These enclosures come in both 2.5"and 3.5" sizes so you can put either a standard desktop or laptop drive in. 


Enermax - Drive Enclosures
Enermax HDD Enclosures

Enermax was also showing off their lineup of cases, pictured below we've got the ECA5010 case which features 2 of Enermax's cool LED fans in the front.


 Enermax - Case
Enermax ECA5010 Case

Enermax also has a lineup of keyboard. These keyboards are a brushed aluminum body and have more of a laptop feel to the keys. The quality feels good and it feels like it could stand up to a decent beating.


 Enermax - Keyboard
Enermax - Keyboard


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