Day 3 - Silverstone @ CeBIT 2010


 We had the chance to stop by and visit the folks at Silverstone and see what is new and exciting with their lineup. Silverstone is well-known for making some very nice high-quality cases and this year they show off some of their newest models.

First up is one of Silverstone's mini cases that is aimed at the person who wants a portable system, and as you can see in the pictures this case features a nice handle on the top. Interesting to note is that this handle is a molded plastic and feels extremely sturdy and should have no issues standing up to some abuse while hauling this case around. 

SilverStone Compact
Silverstone - Compact Tower


 Silverstone was showing off some of their HTPC cases and as you can see in the next couple pictures either of these new cases would blend in very nicely with almost any piece of Home Theater equipment.


SilverStone - HTPC
Silverstone HTPC Case


SilverStone - HTPC
Silverstone HTPC Case


Silverstone was also very excited about their new fan that they have designed. As you can see in the next picture. This fan is designed to be more of an intake fan as opposed to most other fans that are designed mainly to be outtake. The biggest difference between intake and outtake is that outtake doesn't really matter where the air is blown as long as its outside of the case, however with an intake fan you want the airflow to be focused on a specific area and that's exactly what this new fan from Silverstone does and it will be very interesting to see how much of an effect this has on overall system cooling. Silverstone will be putting this fan into some of its upcoming cases and well as they will be selling this fan individually in the near future.


SilverStone - Fan
Silverstone - New Intake Fan

Silverstone was also showing off one of their newest ITX cases, this one sporting a new ATI Radeon HD 5870 Dual-Slot GPU. In the past most ITX cases would be unable to support such a huge card but the folks at Silverstone has re-designed their case to make this possible. Power has also been an issue in the past, but this new case comes with a 600 Watt power supply which should be enough to power a very decent gaming system in a very small space.


SilverStone - ITX Case 5970
Silverstone - ITX Case w/ Radeon HD 5870


SilverStone - Long Card in ITX
Silverstone - ITX Case w/ Radeon HD 5870


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