Day 3 - Spire @ CeBIT 2010


Straight out of Holland we've got the latest and greatest from Spire. For some of our North American readers you probably won't be all that familiar with Spire (you can find out more about Spire here), however they've got a full lineup of cases, coolers and power supplies and we were able to stop by and take a closer look at some of their products this year at CeBIT.


Spire - PSU Close
Spire - Power Supply


 Spire has a full lineup of cases and as you can see in the pictures below they've got the full range from full tower to mini-ITX cases.


Spire - ITX Cases

Spire - Mini-ITX Cases


We are looking forward to taking a look at some Spire products in the near future and it should be very interesting to see how some of these compare to other products we've reviewed in the past. Spire has a little different spin on some of their products and from what we could see in our demo they seem to be very well built.


Spire - Mid Tower

Spire - Mid-Tower Case


Spire - Fan Bunch

Spire - Mid-Tower case w/ 4 Side Fans


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