Day 4 - Patriot @ CeBIT 2010


I had the chance to stop by Patriot today and see whats new and exciting with Patriot this year at CeBIt 2010. Patriot is well known for their memory lineup of course, but in the past couple years have expanded their product lineup.

The biggest thing to stand out at the Patriot booth had to be their showcase PC that was sporting 40 SSD drives in Raid 0 (10TB of Storage) and is sporting some outstanding stats (over 150,000 I/O's per second). This system takes extreme to another level, however it sports a pricetag of just over $100,000 USD.......ouch.


Patriot - 10TB's of SSD's!!


Here are a few more pictures of Patriot's impressive SSD PC.



Patriot - 40 SSD's in RAID 0



Patriot - 40 SSD's in RAID 0


Also new from Patriot is a new flash drive to add to their already impressive lineup, the Bolt. This flash drive features hardware encryption and comes in sizes up to 64GB.


Patriot - Bolt Flash Drive


Patriot was also showing off their SSD lineup at CeBIT, which includes the popular Torqx SSD. We recently took a look at a 128GB Torqx SSD over here if you'd like to see just what these drive are capable of.

Patrio - Torqx SSD's


You can check out all of our pictures from CeBIT 2010 including a bunch more from Patriot which includes their Box Office media box and Convoy XL enclosure.