Day 4 - Arctic Cooling @ CeBIT 2010


Day 4 at CeBIT 2010 included a meeting with Arctic Cooling to view some of their new products for 2010. Arctic Cooling is best known for their cooling products and we've had the chance to look at these products over the years here at BCCHardware.

In the recent months Arctic Cooling has expanded their product lineup to include accessories such as the Arctic Sound earbuds (which we have a full review of over here). While these products recently announced by Arctic Cooling might sound a bit out of the ordinary, we were able to take a closer look and find out more about these new products from Arctic Cooling at CeBIT.


Arctic Cooling - Arctic Sound Earbuds


While Arctic Cooling has been announcing some new products to compliment their cooling lineup, they still have been hard at work revising some of their cooling products to support new CPU's and GPU's. 


Arctic Cooling - CPU Cooler Lineup


Arctic Cooling also has a new notebook cooler available. The Arctic Cooling Arctic NC is a portable cooler that cools your notebook from the rear of the PC rather than underneath like most other coolers on the market do. 


Arctic Cooling - Notebook Cooler


Also on display was Arctic Cooling's thermal paste lineup.


Arctic Cooling - Thermal Paste


A couple other products that were being shown off by Arctic Cooling is their new laptop case and new series of keyboards. As you can see in the picture below the keyboard is "Apple-ish" in it's appearance and should be hitting store shelves by the end of March 2010. 

The laptop bags are also new from Arctic Cooling and aim to do a few things better than other laptop bags available on the market. These bags aren't aimed at the high-end user who wants an expensive bag, but rather aim to provide a high quality laptop case that is very functional at an affordable price. 


Arctic Cooling - Keyboard and Laptop Case



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