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Application: Medieval Castle Defense

Hello BCC fans, readers and staff!! It’s a new day, a new hour, and a New Year!! BAM!! Happy 2012!!  It's awesome how our first App Pick of the Week starts out with a game app to tell you about! This game app was a suggestion made by BCCFujitsu aka "The Zuma King".  I give you Medieval Castle Defense.  It is an interesting game that involves trying to defend your castle from being invaded by an army of knights and warriors that try to lay siege to the castle.


Medival Castle Defense

It's not a hard game to learn, but the levels get challenging as they go up.  It's a great game to use when you kick back, and relax by the fire as you pretend to play Robin Hood or who ever your favorite Medieval Character could be.

Medival Castle Defense
Medieval Castle Defense
Medieval Castle Defense
Medieval Castle Defense

The object of the game is to defend your castle by setting up obstacles such as cannons, catapults and arrow shooting towers, etc. They cost coins in the game to use/place, but each time you kill an enemy it gains you coins and builds up your money stash. In this way it's similar to Plants vs. Zombies.  In Medieval Castle Defense, you’ll have either one or two tents the enemy will come out of and they will march along to get to the castle to invade. Your job is to set up those obstacles to lessen their life line. You are allowed a certain number of invaders to enter the castle before you completely crater, but the less you let in the more cookies you have left!  Please comment and thank Jay for the suggestion!!

Android Market Medieval Castle Defense can be found here.

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