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We are just coming off from Mother’s Day weekend and I have enjoyed celebrating that time with my mom. If you are a mom and reading and wanting some great apps for your new Android device or app ideas for your mom next year, you can check out app pick every week!  I’ve shared different types of photo/camera apps over the past few months and there are so many awesome camera apps to check out.  This week we are going to talk about another one.

As the weather gets nicer in this part of the world, people have more opportunity to travel and be out and about.  Paper Camera is our pick of the week and using your phone or tablet you can create some pretty cool "paper" picture effects!  Even the camera itself is paper looking when you load it up!

  Paper Camera Screen

Paper Camera is really easy to use.  The camera effects are set for you - all you have to do is take the picture you want to tweak to your desired effect. The photo effects are comic boom, sketchup, acquarello, old printer, neon cola, contours, bleaching, gotham noir, half ton, granny’s paper, pastel perfect, and Andy pop.  In addition to the pre-set controls, you can tweak contrast, brightness, lines, and more depending on the type of effect you use.  Effects such as old printer or neon cola have a few different exposure sliders to mess with.  Other effects will have saturation adjustments while still others will have water exposure settings, dots or foreground.  There are so many cool effects you can do for your photos.

You can also do video with it as well and turn other pictures you have from your gallery into something cool and epic and share them online to to show your skills!  It looks pretty cool once you figure out what contrast settings you like to create that picture that is just a little (or a lot) different.



Paper Camera
Paper Camera
Paper Camera
Paper Camera
Paper Camera
Paper Camera



Get your paper grin on and start paper clicking here!


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