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If you hate Mondays, it's time to "turn that frown the other way around" because we have a new app pick for you!  If you're trying to make dinner reservations or just trying to find a good place for lunch, this App Pick is for you.  Maybe you're looking for a great place for shoes or even a good mechanic - try Yelp.  Yelp is designed to give you accurate ratings and reviews for retail locations.  This is a great way to get your money's worth when you're out and about.  Don't go wrong by going somewhere that might be too expensive and have really bad service.  Yelp can help with that - especially if you're in the city where there is a lot of store selection.

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Yelp will require you to use your GPS for most of the functions in the App.  If you want to just do a quick search for something, you can type in the search bar in the Yelp App. Sometimes it may ask for GPS but not always.  If you're using the "nearby" feature or some other location features it will ask to turn on your GPS.

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You can use "monocle" to search by camera and it should spot places of interest in a radar and put them on the screen.  You can bookmark your favourite restaurants, gas stations, coffee shops, and bacon factories!  Chat with your friends and figure out where you want to meet up for lunch.  It is not only an information source, it's also a social app!

Caution: Remember to turn it off when finished using, if it doesn't disable itself. Especially if you're at your house.

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