Crucial @ CES 2012

Today, we got to visit Crucial. They had their new line of DDR3 ram. First, we got a look at their line named Crucial Ballistix Sport Series. This was the entry level ram. Next, we got a look at the Crucial Ballistix Tactical Series. This line of ram is their intermediate level ram for people who want a little more. Last, but not least. We got a look at the Crucial Ballistix Elite Series. This line of ram is for the high end user who wants all they can get from their ram.
Crucial Ballistix Tactical Series

After that, we got to check out the Crucial Adrenaline Series Solid State Cache Solution. This is a Solid State Drive that you can install into any existing system running Windows 7 without the need to install a OS. This ability makes this drive a very unique devise. Anyone can install this drive, if they can plug in a SATA and power cable. I think this will make this a very appealing option to anyone that wants to do an up-grade without all the hassle of installing an OS.


Crucial Adrenaline SSD Cache
We also got to see the Crucial m4 Series Solid State Drive. This is your standard SSD. The main difference is its form factor. It is only 7mm thick.
While we were at the Crucial booth, we also got to speak with the people at Lexar about their new series flash drives. They now have several models of USB 3.0 flash drives that are very fast! They even make a model that does not cost much more than the standard USB 2.0 Flash Drive.
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