Ooma @ CES 2012

Today, we got to meet with the people at Ooma. Ooma is a company that offers the US consumer an option to paying for phone service. The produce an electronic device that can use your Ethernet connection to make a phone call over the Internet. This VOIP device the Ooma Telo sells for $199, but you will have to pay any applicable taxes for the use in your area.

The Ooma Telo does come with some free features like caller ID, Free US local and long distance, 911 service, call waiting and voicemail. The Ooma Telo is the only VOIP solution tested and certified to work with Clarity amplified phones. This device now fully supports ClarityLogic1.0, which is a service from Clarity that allow remote access for customer service agent to optimize Clarity phones uniquely for each customer. This feature would definately be useful for someone who has some hearing loss.

When all is said and done, the Ooma Telo sounds like a good option to sky-rocketing phone bills, especially if you make a lot of long distance or overseas phone calls. Persoanlly I don't think at the $199 price it is a great value for me, but I don't make very many long distance calls. If you are someone who has a high phone bill every month, the Ooma Telo would definately be a good investment.