Cooler Master at CES 2012


One of our last days at CES was spent at the Cooler Master suite and they showed off a ton of stuff this year.  Some of their most interesting products that I liked were in their budget PC case line.  They had quite a few models that they were showcasing - including some that were under $40 and still had quite a few features.  USB 3.0 is here to stay and now that the standard has been finalized, even these inexpensive cases came with front USB 3.0 that plugs into the motherboard - not tails into a rear port.

CM Case
CM Case


Showcasing Technology:

While Cooler Master has been making waves with their cases - both budget and premium, they haven't forgotten their roots in the cooling industry.  They had a bit lineup of cooling products that didn't have much to do with computers - just to show that they know how to keep things cool.  From embedded solutions to high-output LED light bulbs and even some very proprietary vapor chamber technology, Cooler Master knows how to cool.  

Vapor Chambers & More


We expect to see a new cooler from Cooler Master early on in Q2 that will compete with all-in-one water cooling systems.  They had a demo running that showed the system competing and winning by 0.5°c - 3°C and when they get this product final, they expect it to be 2°C to 6°C.     

Air Cooler  


Gaming Gear:

Cooler Master has a lot of gaming products as well and they were very big on their mechanical keyboards.  They've got several different models that have very "premium" switches as well as more entry level products.  In addition to keyboards, they have a line of mice and more gaming-centric cases as well. 

Cooler Master
Cooler Master
Cooler Master


The Cosmos II is their flagship case and after you look inside you find out why.  This thing has tons of room for hardware and a total of 11 HDD bays.   Cooler Master gave away a bunch of these at their party one night and I wish that I'd have won one of these beauties.

Cooler Master

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