How the Xbox One X Shapes Console Gaming's Future


When it comes to consoles, the release cycle of hardware has traditionally been pretty lengthy. The period between console launches (not counting minor refreshes) has been 5-8 years. This changed with the latest consoles from Microsoft and Sony. Their respective consoles were released with mediocre-at-best hardware and this has forced them to do a pretty major update - about half-way through the release cycle. Microsoft was the second to release their "next-gen" console, but is the first to offer up a true 4K-capable refresh. This spells a lot of changes though as the big guys are in unknown territory when it comes to hardware releases. Check the link below for the development story and more.

When discussing how he and his team designed the Xbox One X, Sparks says the process revolved around one pivotal benchmark. The new console had to be compact, more so than any comparable PC. In fact, it would need to be even smaller than the Xbox One S, itself a slim version of the original Xbox One. There was one big issue: the new console wouldn’t just have to be smaller, it also needed to be 40 percent more powerful.

Source: TheVerge