Nintendo Ramps up Switch Production - Again


Nintendo is planning on ramping up Switch production as they near the holidays and feel that they won't be able to meed current demand as they can only produce a limited number of units at this time. This is the second time they've increased production and with more block-buster titles landing on the console - and with the holidays just over a month away, this may be too little, too late to keep up with holiday demand. Still, it's a nice move and hopefully there will be a few extra ones that will get a price cut around black friday.

The company said at the end of October that it was doubling production and would produce at least 17 million units in its first year, but it looks like Nintendo now has even higher hopes for its smash hit console. The Switch had sold 7.63 million units between its March launch and the end of September, and at the price of $300 a piece, it’s been immensely profitable for Nintendo.

Source: TheVerge