Permanent LoL Teams Surface


The LCS is getting even more credibility as League of Legends teams are getting more of a permanent status. There are 10 permanent teams now in the NA LCS that are backed by the likes of the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors. The fact is that LoL and other games of that nature require actual athletes to compete - they aren't overweight chip-eating slobs - they train physically to keep their mental game strong. This is good news for all serious gamers.

According to Riot, the shift to permanent teams was made with an eye toward the future growth of the league. With a guaranteed spot for each squad, the thinking is that each owner will be more likely to invest in their team for the long haul. That includes things like creating training facilities, as well as investing in areas like coaching, scouting, and player wellness. Each of the 10 teams will have an academy squad, designed to give up-and-comers a chance to learn before going pro, and Riot is also working to improve the standards for players, which includes raising the minimum salary to $75,000.

Source: TheVerge