If you have a bulky old laptop, a new Ultrabook just might be in your future.  Jason Schneider picked one up recently and he seems pretty happy with it overall.  TweakTown has a look ASUS S56C Ultrabook Laptop on their bench today and seems to think it's pretty decent overall.  With a score of 90%, you can't get too much better.

If you're happy with an Ultrabook running Windows 8 and you want to keep the experience unified across the platforms, check out HardwareHeaven's review of the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows 8 phone.  This is the current flagship phone for the Win8 platform, and it's not all bad.

Battery life was also decent for a smartphone. On an average day, which for us involved around three-five 15 minute calls, multiple text messages, 30 minutes of gaming and an hour of surfing with Wi-Fi enabled the overall time on was around 28 hours before a charge was required.