Samsung: Stop Using the Note 7


In a move that could really hurt Samsung on the short-term, they have issued a bulletin stating that Note 7 users should stop using the device immediately. This comes after the fact that there have been a couple of isolated replacement Note 7 devices that have exhibited the same problems as the first-released product. This is very bad news for Samsung and until they get things figured out, they have pulled the plug on production of one of their hottest selling products. This could be the end of the Note. It will surely affect Note 8 sales - if they even build that device.

Samsung quickly issued a recall and began working with officials worldwide to replace the original shipment of 2.5 million phones. But customers have since said that replacement Note 7s and models with supposedly safe batteries were overheating and catching fire, fueling concerns Samsung hasn’t solved the battery problems after all.

Source: Bloomberg