Worst Christmas Tech Presents Ever


If you're branded the "tech guy" in your family, they've probably tried to show you appreciation by buying you something tech-related from Christmas. I know there are some physically disabled tech's that have received fitness bands and I once got a box of 5.25-inch floppy disks. I'm sure there are some of you that may have received a Galaxy Note 7 as well. All were probably well-intended, but somehow fell horribly short. Please share here and then go read the comments at the link below as I'm sure there will be some gems.

The problem is that many of our friends and family don't follow the ins and outs of tech with quite the same gusto as you or I do. They may well know that you've got your heart set on a beautiful new iPad, but that can leave you with the excruciating challenge of feigning delight when you unwrap the $59 Android 2.3 tablet plucked from Best Buy's bargain bin, which they thought was pretty much the same thing.

Source: Neowin