Vector Smart Watch Will Have 30 Days Battery Life


When it comes to smart watches, I believe that the biggest barrier to entry is the short battery life. Jason and I have discussed at length why device by Pebble and Martian are probably really the watch for everyone. While they aren't as "smart" as other devices, they are really smart enough and give a user everything they actually need to get through the day more productively that without one. It will be interesting to see if Vector can live up to their claims. They've now also joined Fitbit - making Fitbit one of the leaders when it comes to company buyouts and total IP.

Vector’s decision to build an operating system and ecosystem from scratch may have contributed to today’s exit from the market via Fitbit. Indeed, the company alludes to its ecosystem saying that as part of Fitbit it will finally be able to build new features and experiences, something its own products severely lacked.

Source: Neowin