Galaxy Note8 is Coming


There was more than a little speculation that Samsung was going to drop the Galaxy Note title from their upcoming devices, but they are sticking with it. With all of the press and them owning their mistake, they've certainly been cleaning up public perception. In fact, Samsung just had their best quarter ever - despite the Galaxy Note 7 recall.

The Note 8 is being touted as "better, safer and very innovative". I've heard that "I" word way to much over the years when innovation was basically a higher resolution screen or camera. It will be interesting to see what Samsung can pull off to draw people back to the Note series of products. At this point, I've got high hopes that they can bring it back. The Note line has always been a great product.

Koh also confirmed today that its new Galaxy S8 will not launch at next month's Mobile World Congress industry expo in Barcelona, despite having unveiled its Galaxy S-series handsets at that event in recent years. Samsung could potentially hold back its Note8 launch too, allowing more time for the memory of its last fiery flagship to fade away.

Source: TheVerge, Neowin