Sony's Latest Sensor Shoots Amazing Slow-mo Video


Slow-Motion video is not only fun, it can be particularly useful for certain applications. The problem is that to get high-quality and high-resolution slow-mo video, you have to spend a ton of money. Sony is hoping to change that with their latest sensor that packs DRAM into the sensor itself, enabling it to buffer video from an otherwise-two-layer sensor. The end results is 1000fps at 1080p - from a smartphone.

That's all good, but the sensor's standout feature is super slow-mo. As shown below, 1,000 fps is pushing into Phantom Flex camera territory, letting you see the impact of a ball on a bat or a dog vault in precise detail. What's more, Sony says that smartphones could detect sudden movement and automatically launch the high-speed mode, so you only use it when needed.

Source: Engadget