Comcast Can No Longer Claim to be the Fastest


Comcast has been told by the National Advertising Review Board (NARB) that they can no longer advertise their Xfinity broadband service as being the fastest. After Verizon questioned the legitimacy of the claims, the investigative arm of NARB conducted reviews of Comcast's speeds. While the highest and most expensive tier of Xfinity was faster than Verizon's FiOS, not every tier could say the same and with Comcast not specifically stating this in their ads, consumers could be lead to believe Comcast was the fastest for all tiers.

At the heart of the debate was data taken from speed test provider Ookla, which Comcast used to claim that its offering was the fastest available. The investigative panel determined that Ookla speed test data was not representative sample of all subscribers, but rather just a sample of the top 10 percent of Xfinity customers who happened to test their internet speed. Verizon also had better upload rates for its top-tiered service, further disproving Comcast’s claims.

Source: TheVerge