Google Cardboard Ships over 10 Million Units


Google's Cardboard has sold more than any other VR headset and the reason for that is simply it is cheap. While VR is pretty neat for a demo, there aren't a lot of practical or even entertainment uses for VR with the software and "gamers" as limited as they are. While Cardboard is far from a premium experience, it does give people a taste of what they could be wasting their money on, and thankfully Cardboard is the first and last headset that many peole buy.

It’s hard to say how much this tells us about demand for Cardboard headsets, since many were given out for free as promotional tools. The New York Times, for example, mailed over a million of them to print subscribers in 2015, then another round in 2016. But it's useful to know how many are out there, especially right after Sony gave some hard numbers for its far more expensive PlayStation VR headset.

Source: TheVerge