Sony Parties with OLED 4K HDR This April


LG is not the only game in the OLED town. Sony is also in the game with their 4K OLED unit that is shipping this April. Sony is doing something a bit interesting with sound on this as it is super thin and implements a technology they call "Acoustic Surface" which sounds like the entire screen is used as a membrane/speaker. It will be interesting to see if the performance of this is as good as what we've seen from the master of OLED - LG.

The new TVs are packed full of high-end technology, as you would expect given their considerable price tags. They include Sony's 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme, promising "powerful image processing", along with the company's 'Acoustic Surface' sound technology. The company says that this "emits superior, powerful sound from the screen itself".

Source: Neowin