Microsoft Surface is Glue-Heavy and Unrepairable


The Microsoft Surface Laptop seems a little odd when it comes to target audience. It is also odd that with the repairability of the Microsoft Surface tablet being pretty solid, they decided to glue everything in the Surface Laptop to make it literally unrepairable. While there are some benefits to this design, hardware does fail, and unless you ship it back to Microsoft for warranty, the chances are good that it will become a very pricey paperweight.

Teardown is the word of the day, and today we plan to dive into Microsoft's new Surface Laptop. Will this carpeted Alcantara clad laptop excel in our teardown room? The power is in our hands. Let's get to the point... Ladies and gents, it's teardown time! And there's even more where that came from! Check out our Surface Pro 5 teardown to get your fill of all the latest Microsoft hardware.


Source: iFixit