Samsung Shows off Features of Note 8's Dual-Camera


Some thought that Samsung wouldn't release the Galaxy Note 8 due to the troubles with the Note 7. They have pulled up their britches and gone ahead with the Note 8 and have added some nifty features and a dual-camera. Their dual-camera is more than just a 3x zoom though and they have just shown off some of the nifty tricks that you'll be able to do with their latest device. I really, REALLY hope that there are no major issues with this Note - or the Note line will be dead for good.

It's no secret that the Galaxy Note 8 will likely include dual rear cameras given all the leaks, but you don't have to take the rumor mill's word for it -- Samsung appears to have dropped a not-so-subtle hint of its own. The company's electromechanical division has posted a feature list for a dual camera module that lines up eerily well what's expected from the Note 8's rear sensors. To begin with, the second camera allows for 3X optical zoom, or a notch better than the 2X you see in the iPhone 7 Plus and OnePlus 5.

Source: Engadget