ZTE Latest Big-Screen Phone Packs Dual-Cameras for $129


ZTE has made a few premium devices and a whole host of other entry-level devices - and most of them have been really good. Their latest device is an entry-level device with some great features - including dual-cameras. The ZTE Blade ZMax has a huge battery as well. It packs in a whopping 4,080mAh battery that feeds a pretty solid device. It won't blow you away in terms of performance or image quality, but it offers amazing performance and features for the dollar is a great value.

What stands out about this year's model is that it has dual cameras -- an unusual feature at this price. A slew of $200 phones unveiled at CES all featured the same iPhone 7 Plus–like setup, but the Blade ZMax is the first to offer it for less than $150. With the pair of sensors on the back, you can take pictures with artificially blurred backgrounds to highlight your subject. The Blade ZMax's 16-megapixel RGB sensor captures color information, while its 2-megapixel monochrome counterpart takes care of details.

Source: Engadget