Smart Lock Vendor Bricks Own Product with Bad Firmware


If you were on the fence about a Smart Lock but had a few reservations, this might just be the thing to help persuade you in the opposite direction. Recently, a company updated the firmware for their products and while it appeared to work, it actually bricked more than a few of their products and users were consequently locked out of their homes. Not good stuff. The company owned the mistake, contacted affecteed people and remedied the situation quite quickly, but keep in mind that if you buy a non-brand smart lock, you are perhaps risking more than you think.

So really, the problem isn't totally solved unless users actually ship their lock back to Lockstate for repairs. Granted, the company will pay for shipping and a year's worth of a premium subscription service, but this is probably the worst-case scenario for smart locks, especially considering Airbnb recommends the 6i.

Source: TheVerge