Why Phone Makers Want to Kill the Headphone Jack


There are more and more companies that are trying to get rid of the headphone jack. While I love the ability to plug in some great headphones and listen via a wire, there are people that think the digital interface is significantly better. The real reason why phone makers want to get rid of it though is that it is rather bulky to integrate into a device. On the other hand, I wish phone makers would keep the devices a tad-bit thicker, increase the battery capacity and let us enjoy analog audio. Even if you think that digital is better, sound waves are analog and at some point, in order for you to hear the sound, it will be analog. Please keep the jack. Give me better battery life and just quite forcing thin on everyone.

Right now, this may not be a huge problem for Android consumers, who have plenty of phones to choose from at every price point. For example, the OnePlus 5 and Xiaomi Mi 6 are fairly evenly matched in terms of hardware, features (like Android Nougat and dual cameras), and sub-$500 pricing – so if you’re dead set on a headphone jack, you can opt for the 5.

Source: TheNextWeb