Apple's Apology for Batterygate Didn't Go Far Enough


Apple openly admitted last week that they have been screwing with their customers for years by throttling devices with "older" batteries. Apple claimed that this was to make the device have a similar run-time as with a new battery, but the fact was, the device performance seems to get shorter every time a new device is released. It seems a bit odd that it happens like clockwork every single time. Apple in turn said that they'd sell you a new battery for your old device for only $29. By and large, this is a decent deal, but it isn't the answer I'd be looking for if a company was screwing me in order to push me to buy their latest product. Free batteries for all. Minimum.

One major difference between our proposed apology and Apple's: We suggested Apple say they were sorry and offer free battery upgrades for any consumer who wanted one. Apple saw it differently. It offered an apology but not a free battery. Instead, it is offering a new (normally priced $79.99) battery at a discount: $29.99, $50 less than usual cost. The deal is available starting in late January and running through the end of 2018 and only on iPhone 6 and 6S.

Source: USAToday