MiLi @ CES 2016


As we were wandering around CES 2016 on Day #3 we happened to run into a company called MiLi who has a couple neat mobile accessories that caught our eye. MiLi has their iData flash drive that plugs right into your iPhone, iPad, Android, or PC, and allows you to easily offload files for backup or to free up some space, and is also able to encrypt all of that data for safe keeping. MiLi isn't the only company offering a device like this, but the sleek an small design along with the fact that the iData Flash Drive is available in capacities up to 256GB, makes this device very intriguing. Running out of storage on mobile devices is a common issue as we use them to record more and more media and the MiLi iData Flash Drive might be the device to help you out.



MiLi also has some other new products in their digital health products categories which you can find more information about over at

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