Chromebooks Can Now Make Skype Video Calls


While Microsoft pushes hard to get their mobile applications on other mobile platforms, they've overlooked Chromebooks for a long time. I believe this is because they are trying hard to push their own OS on cheap laptops as well, but they've finally seen the light and have now enabled Skype for Web to work on ChromeOS. While this isn't the most groundbreaking development in software in the past year, it shows that Microsoft is giving in where they need to in order to get their software on more platforms.

This feature should “just work.” Head to the Skype for Web website, sign in with your Skype account, and click the voice call button for one of your Skype contacts. Chrome will ask if you want to share your microphone with Skype. Agree and the call will happen normally, just like it would via the Skype client application on a desktop PC or phone. It now uses standards-based web technologies instead of the plugin it initially required on Windows.

Source: PCWorld