Apple Genius Training Manual


Someone has "accidentally" leaked a copy of the Apple Genius training manual that is provided for Apple store employees. Normally it wouldn't be much of a story if a company leaks a training manual, but the Apple store has been always known for being quite unique and as expected the training manual is pretty interesting. From things they aren't allowed to say to how they are supposed to talk to customers this manual has it all and you can read the whole thing over at Gizmodo.

We recently showed you just how badly some of Apple's retail elite behave when no one's watching, but surely they were taught better, right? You bet they were: Apple tells its new recruits exactly what what to think and say. How do we know? We read Apple's secret Genius Training Manual from cover to cover. It's a penetrating look inside Apple: psychological mastery, banned words, roleplaying—you've never seen anything like it.