New Amazon Kindle Fire HD


We knew it was coming, we just didn't know when. Amazon has released their next generation tablet which will be called the Amazon Kindle Fire HD. Included in the Fire HD is a higher resolution screen (1280x800) and more memory and is going to be selling for $159 for the 16GB version. The higher specs and lower price could make this a good competitor to the Nexus 7 tablet which seems to be the Android tablet winner right now. PCMag has more details on the new Fire HD.


Amazon's new Kindle Fire HD makes the best-selling small tablet faster, slicker, and better looking. I spent about 15 minutes with it at Amazon's launch event, and came away impressed, but a little cautious.

The Kindle Fire HD is a very solid-feeling black slab. It has a matte black back with a shiny stripe down it; the stripe ends, on both sides, in the much-vaunted Dolby stereo speakers. And yes, those speakers are really loud, even in a busy room. I could easily imagine them filling a dorm room.