Bose knows everything?


If a lawsuit filed this week is correct, your Bose headphones have been spying on you. This new lawsuit alleges that Bose has been doing some data mining and could have potentially listening in on whatever you're listening to. In addition, it's being alleged that Bose isn't just collecting that information for their research purposes, they are selling it to a third party as well. If the allegations are true this could be an expensive problem for Bose. The Washington Post has the full story.

Combined with the registration information, that gave Bose access to personally identifiable information that Zak and other never agreed to share, the complaint says. Listening data can be very personal, particularly if users are listening to podcasts or other audio files that could shade in information about their political preferences, health conditions or other interests, the complaint argues.

The filing also alleges that Bose wasn't just collecting the information. It was also sharing it with a data mining company called, according to research conducted by Edelson, the Chicago-based law firm representing Zak.