Qualcomm is trying to ban iPhone sales in the US


The lawsuit between Qualcomm and Apple has been going on for quite some time and it looks like Qualcomm isn't giving up. Qualcomm is going after Apple for patent infringement on 6 battery-related patents that Qualcomm currently holds. It's tough to keep track of where the whole battle is at because of course Apple has counter sued Qualcomm for charging too much of these patents. The latest move though from the Qualcomm camp is to try and halt iPhone sales in the US that are using these patents, a move that could halt iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 sales. Chances are good they'll be in court for the next couple years at least (and may just result in one side writing a big cheque) but it could make things pretty difficult for Apple if the claims hold up. The Verge has more on this story.

In the latest escalation of its global legal fight with Apple, Qualcomm is asking the US government to ban new iPhones from coming into the country. It also wants sales halted on iPhones that have already made their way in.

Qualcomm says that Apple is violating six patents that have to do with extending a phone’s battery life. None of the patents are essential to a standard, Qualcomm says, which means it isn’t required to license them — as it is with the other patents the two companies are in disagreement over.