Facebook is Pretty Popular


Facebook continues to grow in numbers despite what Jason and I predicted a few years back. Right now, it has more monthly users that Islam has followers. Facebook reports that it has 1.32 billion DAILY users are an incredible 2.01 billion MONTHLY users. The only thing that is bigger than Facebook is Christianity, and I'm guessing that more people are actually devoted to Facebook more than their Bibles. That's a huge market share and it keeps on growing. Hopefully if Mark decides to run for president, Facebook implodes.

Facebook already owns three of the five largest online communities in the world: its own network, WhatsApp, and Instagram. The other two, Chinese services WeChat and TenCent, have about 2 billion users between them. To fuel this growth, Facebook has gone on a relentless acquisition spree of any platform where it sees its future audience heading next.

Source: Quartz