Spire CASSI 323 Tablet Stand


Product: Spire CASSI 323 Tablet Stand
Provided By: Spire
Price: $24.99 MSRP (At Time of Publication)


There are many readers of BCCHardware.com that own tablets. I own a Nexus 7 and when talking to a lot of other consumers, they too have tablets. While a tablet is certainly handy when sitting on the couch or on the commute, there are times when it would be nice to be able to view it without holding it. The Nexus 7 that I own has an actual stand/charging dock that holds in a landscape mode and does the deed for me. That being said, you can’t adjust angle and it is designed more for a dock than a stand.

Today we will be looking at the Spire CASSI 323 Tablet Stand that has been recently released - along with a few of their tablets. While Spire is not a new company, they are new to this line of product  In the past, they were well known for cooling products among other things. In order to keep up with consumer demands, they have branched out into the line of consumer electronics and we'll be looking at a couple products in the near future that fit into their new category.

Spire Package

The CASSI 323 is a fairly basic aluminum and plastic stand that offers a good grip, adjustable viewing angle and is stout enough to hold 10-inch tablets without any issues. For testing purposes, I used my Nexus 7 as well as Spire's own Bliss 9 Pro+ tablet. Before we jump further into the review, let’s take a quick look and find out more about Spire.


About Spire:

Spire Corp.
Spire, founded in 1998 in The Netherlands, is a leading premier brand for computer thermal solutions, power supplies and enclosures. In order to meet the requirements and demands of the global market, we have established our production facilities in ShenZhen, China. Our corporate office is based in The Netherlands and sales offices in Japan and Brazil. All locations are strategically located to better work with the customers and partners we serve.
Our Ideals.
Spire ideals, to which our employees give full recognition, are (1) constantly striving to become stronger, (2) being sincere and (3) seeking the latest innovative technology. After 14 years of hard work and dedication in running our business, Spire today is a major presence in three major business fields: computer thermal solutions, power supplies and pc enclosures. It has received full recognition in its products as well as its services. The purpose built Spire factory and all of the products were approved by CE, UL, CSA, and TUV in 1998. We gained AMD and VIA approvals along with recognition by International Standard Commission for Quality Assurance in 1999 against ISO-14001 & ISO-9001. Spire is also proud of shipping all its products compliant to the standards of The European Union ROHS and WEEE.


More information and the rest of their company profile can be found over here.

Features & Specifications:

The following information has been pulled from the Spire product page for the CASSI 323 and posted below for your convenience.  If you need more information, please check out the manufacturers site for all the updated info.

The Cassi 323 ergonomic stand and mobile holder for eBooks, iPad and tablet PCs. The Cassi 323 is a great product to make viewing and working on your eBook much more comfortable. The white coated aluminum alloy frame gives the Cassi 323 a sophisticated look and is great addition to your eBook. The Cassi 323 is robust, compact and lightweight, it weighs just over 300 grams. The Cassi 323 is the perfect portable choice for mobile computing from Spire – Powered by Innovation. 

Quick Specs:

  • Gentle slope to raise screen
  • Elevated anti-slip protective, rubber pads on the base
  • Portable and lightweight, just over 300 grams
  • Easy on the go and working on the road
  • Stylish, robust and innovative structure design
  • Compatible with iPad, eBook and tablet PC
  • Backed by 2 year limited service warranty

Full Specs:

Full Specs


On the next page, we'll take a close look at the CASSI 323 as we draw up some final conclusions.

Closer Look:

The CASSI 323 is a basic tablet stand. No matter how you slice it, the basic idea is the same for pretty much all current popular stands. There is a center part that elevates and allows you to position the tablet at various angles. Spire does this while keeping the areas of contact on the tablet protected from scratches with rubber pads. These rubber pads are positioned strategically in order to keep the tablet in place, while not being excessive or allowing the tablet to be scratched or slide out of place.

Bottoms Up
Bottoms Up!

The bottom of the stand (where the tablet rests) has a nice secure groove that is rubber coated as well.  This keeps the tablet in place - whether portrait or landscape - as well as provides a nice scratch-free home for the tablet to sit.


Opened Up
Opened Up

Side View
Side View



The CASSI 323 can be adjusted from an almost vertical position and can fold flat for storage or for packing with you when you hit the road.  This kind of flexibility is great as it won't hinder you from taking it with you when you are going on a bit of a trip.

Nexus 7 Portrait
Nexus 7 Portrait

Nexus 7 Landscape
Nexus 7 Landscape

Spire Bliss 9 Pro+
Spire Bliss 9 Pro+



Final Thoughts:

In the end the CASSI 323 is a decent choice if you need a stand for your tablet. In my mind, most of these stands will do the same thing and there really isn't a wrong choice to be had. Style, availability and person preference are ultimately what dictate a purchasing decision for a basic tablet stand. With all that in mind, the CASSI 323 is a decent choice as it has pretty basic features, a nice style that blends in with pretty much any decor and is affordably priced.

If you need a powered stand, or something for a much larger tablet, you may want to keep shopping, but in my experience, if you need a stand for anything from a Nexus 7 to a Microsoft Surface, the CASSI 323 should be able to get the job done.

It's not the fanciest stand on the market, but with the MSRP at $24.99, I'm sure you’ll be able to pick this up for under $20 once you start shopping around. At that price, it's a nice place to keep your tablet. Whether you're charging it or watching a movie at your desk - the CASSI 323 is a simple tool that helps free up your hands.



I'd like to thank Spire Corp for sending us the CASSI 323 for a review.  If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the forum at the link below.