ADATA CE700 Wireless Charging Stand


Product: ADATA CE700 Wireless Charing Stand
Provided By: ADATA
Price: $49.99 MSRP at time of publication


One of the coolest products to surface in the last few years is inductive charging. This is achieved by creating an electromagnetic field on your charger and this is then converted back into electricity using an induction coil. This technology is not new and it's not mainstream yet - although I really don't know why. It's a simple process and now that induction coils can be made so thin in today's electronic devices, there really is no reason it's not popular.

All that being said, there are a few drawbacks that still prevent this technology from changing the way we do everything. Converting electricity into an electromagnetic field and back again isn't as efficient as plugging a wire into your phone, this makes things charge slower. In some situations, this is not a big deal - such as when you place your phone beside your bed at night, but if you need a quick charge - or if you use your phone during charging, trying to keep it on a charging pad or station is not convenient.


I do understand both sides of the coin as I've been using wireless charging for over a year and I still use a cord to charge my phone at times. There is something pretty awesome about integrated wireless charging though and today we're going to take a look at a product from ADATA that combines the convenience of a charge pad with the benefits of a phone stand. Let's take a look at the Elite CE700 Wireless Charging Stand.


First Look:

The ADATA CE700 Wireless charging stand is a pretty basic piece of hardware. Inside the box we found a USB cable as well as the two-piece charging stand. The CE700 can be used lying flat as pictured directly below, or assembled as a stand in a few seconds. This give it greater flexibility and lets you use your phone or tablet as an alarm clock - or you can just drop your device onto it when used as a charging pad.



The Elite CE700 has an aluminum frame as well the main body that is plastic. The actual charging module is made from plastic that houses the charging coil and this is nestled in the aluminum frame that has a few rubber accents to help keep your device in place when used as a stand.

Side View


When bundled up together, the bottom has bright green rubber feel that keep it in place on your desk. The left side will also act as a base for your phone to sit when in the stand position. This keeps your phone snug against the charging coil and keeps the electricity flowing into the back of your phone or tablet.

Stand Bottom


On the next page we’ll take a look at the features and specifications of the Elite CE700 as we continue on through this review.


The following list of features has been taken from the ADATA product page and posted below for your convenience. As always, please make sure to check the manufacturer’s site for updated information about this product. We’ve merely posted some of the highlights below for your convenience.

ADATA Elite CE700 wireless charger utilizes the latest Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi wireless charging specification. By simply placing the phone on the charging pad, power is automatically and wirelessly transferred to the device for charging, without the inconvenience of plugs or cables. With its unique design, you can quickly change from flat to standing charging mode. This flexible design lets you adjust the charging position according to your personal needs, and truly enjoy this outstanding new technology.

Charging with No Strings Attached (Or cables)
The CE700 charges compatible phones without the need for a cable, eliminating the hassle of having to find, untangle and connect power lines. This new style brings a simplicity and elegance to your technological life.
Just Place to Start Charging
The ADATA Elite CE700 wireless charging pad implements the latest technology and the Qi specification. Simply align the phone's wireless charge receiving zone (Rx) with the CE700 charge sending send zone (Tx), and enjoy the convenience of wireless charging.
Charge Flat or Upright
A special design allows the CE700 to quickly morph from flat to standing charge mode. In standing charge mode the phone may be placed vertically or horizontally on the charging stand, according to the phone size and position of the wireless charging zone. This allows you to adjust the height of the phone on the charging stand, a feature unavailable on many other wireless chargers (Most wireless chargers support only a few models of wireless charging compatible phones in upright mode. The CE700 lets you align the charging position according to the specific needs of you and your phone: Flat charging, upright charging, whatever you need. 
Handy Phone Stand
In standing charge mode, the CE700 also acts as an easy-to-use phone stand that allows you to use all of your phone’s features while it charges.
Safety Protection
The CE700 is equipped with special protection mechanisms to ensure safety and peace of mind. 
  • Foreign Object Detection (FOD): When there is a metallic object between the phone and the charging stand, the CE700 will automatically power off, and an LED light will alert the user.

  • Overvoltage protection: If the voltage exceeds a safe level, the CE700 protection mechanism will stop charging, preventing damage to the CE700.

  • Overheat protection: If the temperature becomes excessive, the CE700 will automatically stop the power supply in order to protect the charging stand and the cell phone from becoming damaged.

  • Low power consumption: When CE700 is not charging a phone, it will automatically enter power saving mode. 

Stylish Compact Design
The ergonomic curved edge design is made more comfortable to the touch through the use of premium materials. An aluminum back panel combined with an anti-slip rubber surface on the charging pad makes the CE700 beautiful to the eye as well as to the hand.
Ultra-Slim Profile
Compared to the majority of upright wireless chargers on the market, the CE700 has compact body that radiates slim style.
Qi Certified
Qi is a set of guidelines established by the Wireless Power Consortium for inductive charging units. The CE700 has been professionally certified to meet the Qi specification, ensuring maximum compatibility and safety.
Charging Indicator
The attentively designed LED indicator lets you keep track of the wireless charging status.






On the last page we'll take a look at using this product as we test it out and wrap up with our final thoughts.

General Usage:

There isn't a whole lot involved when it comes to testing a phone charger. It's like testing a USB cable. If you plug it in and it works - you're done. When it comes to the CE700, we will go into a bit more detail though and hopefully do it without boring you.

As previously mentioned, the CE700 can be used lying flat or standing up and both work equally well. When flat, you have to make sure that the coil inside your device is lined up somewhat close with the coil in the charger. You'll know you've got everything in range as the charging LED on the CE700 lights up and you know you’re good to go.

Charge Pad


When operating the CE700 standing up, you can position the charging module on the aluminum frame to line up with your devices coil as well as adjust it somewhat for a better viewing angle. In our tests, the rubber hole gripped good enough to allow us to position the stand to our liking, but I do wonder if time will make the module not stay in place as well and make the stand more challenging to use. Either way, it worked well for us throughout testing.

Stand - Front Stand Profile


According to the specifications on the previous page, the CE700 has an input rating of 1.5A @ 5v and outputs at 1.0A at 5v. That means that we are losing 33% of our power to the charging circuitry and as loss through the induction coils. That being said, with a rated output of 1.0A, the CE700 should charge a 3,000mAh battery in about 3 hours if the battery is completely drained.

In our experience this proves to be about right as my Nexus 5 charges as little as 2 hours when not completely dead. This shows that the device is not all that slow to charge as far as inductive charging goes. With that little fact in mind, we will bring up our one major drawback of this product. There is no wall-adapter included in the box. If you have a cheap 500mAh charger, or even an older 1.0A charger, once you lose 33% of the power due to inefficiency, you'll be seeing much slower charge times.

ADATA did send out an additional 2.1A USB wall adapter and we used this for some of our testing as well as a powered USB 3.0 Hub. When using this with a USB Power Meter we see that we are charging at 5W. It's pretty simple math to see that a 5W charge at 5v = 1.0A. This is exactly what they rate the output to be and it works exactly as advertised. When I plugged the CE700 into a 2.4A source it did charge draw 6W of power which charged my device at 1.2A - a bit above rated output. I'm not sure I’m comfortable with this for prolonged periods, but if you are looking for a quick charge wireless charging can still get it done.


Final Thoughts:

Wireless charging still isn't taking the world by storm and it's a shame. With a sleek little device like the Elite CE700 on the market for under $50, it is a perfect companion to a wide variety of devices that support the Qi charging standard. There isn't a ton of these devices on the market yet, but the list is growing and I’m sure it will continue to increase.

One thing that makes the CE700 stand out above the competition is the fact that it actually stands. There aren't many other Qi products that charge your device standing up as most of them - all of the ones that I’ve seen in fact - are simply pads that you can lay your device on. The CE700 operates this way if desired, but also can convert to a stand that will support tablets as well as phones.

The build quality of the ADATA CE700 seems to be very solid and the aluminum frame/stand is a nice touch that makes it feel quite durable. I have no doubt that it will last a long time even if you pack it around as part of your mobile travel kit.

At the end of the day, there really isn’t much to complain about and there certainly are a few things I like. The only real downside is the fact that it doesn’t come with its own 2.0A adapter. This would be a feature that would ensure that it works at capacity no matter what you plug it into.



  • Sleek wireless charger
  • Can be used flat or as a stand
  • Supports 7" tablets as well as phones.
  • Good build quality



  • Doesn’t ship with its own high-output wall adapter



I'd like to thank ADATA for sending out the Elite CE700 Wireless Charging Stand out for us to review. If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please feel free to post it in the forum at the link below.