Samsung ATIV 700T Pro Smart PC


Product: Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T
Provided By: Samsung Canada
Price: ~$990 Online at time of publication


A couple weeks ago we took a look at the Samsung ATIV 500T which is a Windows 8 Tablet that comes with a keyboard dock (full review can be found here). Today we are going to take a look at the "Pro" version of the ATIV, the ATIV 700T.

The ATIV 700T features an Intel Core i5-3317U CPU, 128GB SSD, 4GB DDR3 Memory, Intel HD 4000 Graphics, and an 11.6" 1920x1080 touchscreen. Basically the ATIV 700T sounds more like a laptop than a tablet thanks to all the hardware they've packed into it.

Let's not waste any more time and get a closer look at the Samsung ATIV 700T in the next section.


Closer Look:

Samsung ATIV - Packaging
Samsung ATIV - Tablet (undocked)


The ATIV 700T looks very similar to the ATIV 500T that we just reviewed a few weeks ago, other than the color change (the 500T is gun metal color, the 700T is black).

Just like with the 500T, I was overall very impressed with the finish of the ATIV 700T. The aluminum rear side makes the tablet look very classy and you most definitely won't be embarrassed to pull it out in a business meeting.

Samsung ATIV - Rear View
Samsung ATIV - Inputs

Samsung ATIV - Dock Connector
Samsung ATIV - SD Card Slot

The ATIV 700T features a power connector (pictured below), a micro SD card slot (pictured above), a HDMI port, S-Pen (pictured below), headphone jack (pictured above), as well as a USB 3.0 port (pictured above) on the tablet itself.

On the keyboard dock you will gain an additional 2 USB 2.0 ports.

Samsung ATIV -  S-Pen
Samsung ATIV - Power Connector

A very nice feature of the ATIV 700T is the inclusion of the Samsung S-Pen, which as you can see pictured above, slides back into the tablet when not in use. The S-Pen isn't your normal run-of-the-mill stylus that you are used to, but features 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity which is very similar to professional level digitizer pens.

The S-Pen when paired with a nice 11.6" screen like the ATIV 700T has becomes very handy for many tasks. If you need to scribble down a quick note, or draw a complex diagram, the S-Pen will quickly become your new best friend.

Samsung ATIV -  Included Accessories
Samsung ATIV - Keyboard Dock


The keyboard dock is one of the major features of the ATIV product lineup. Both the 500T and 700T have the same keyboard dock, the only difference appears to be the color. 


The ATIV 700T keyboard dock features 2 USB 2.0 ports, one on the left side, and one on the right side (pictured below).


Samsung ATIV -  Keyboard Dock - USB (Left Side)
Samsung ATIV - Keyboard Dock - USB (Right Side)


There we go, that's what the ATIV 700T looks like, let's move onto the next section for more details.


Samsung ATIV 700T Specifications:


All specifications taken from



A Tablet with a Powerful Punch

With a blazing-fast Intel® Core™ i5 processor, the Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T runs the same programs as your desktop PC in a sleek, light and compact form. A fast and simple touchscreen gives you access to your favorite programs and apps with ease.


Favorite Programs in a Touch

The Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T comes with Windows 8. Use the S Pen™ to compose emails, meeting reports, presentations and more, or use the optional docking keyboard and connect to an external monitor, MP3 player, camera and other USB devices.


The Complete Windows Experience

At an inch thick and less than two pounds, the ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T offers power and speed of a desktop computer. Run multiple apps and browse the Web all with the power of Windows 8 and Microsoft Office.



Speed (GHz)
1.70 GHz
CPU Cache 3MB L3
ATIV Tab 7
Slim & Light, Performance
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Brightness 400 nits SuperBright™ Plus Technology

Memory Type
DDR3 (1600MHz)
Max. System Memory 4GB (On Board)
External or Integrated
Maximum Graphics Memory Shared
Stereo Speakers (1 W x 2)
Sound Effect SoundAlive™
Web Cam 2.0 MP HD(Front) 
5.0 MP HD (Rear)
Internal Mic Yes
Wireless LAN
802.11 a/b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.0
WiDi Yes
Micro HDMI
Headphone Out Yes (Headphone/MIC combo)
Microphone In Yes
USB Ports (Total) 1 x USB 3.0
Multi Card Slot 1 Micro SD
Docking Port Yes
Touch Pad / Track Point
Available with Keyboard Dock Accessory
AC Adapter
40 W
Number of Cells / Cell Type 4 cell / Li-Po
mAh 49
System Dimensions (L x W x H, Inch)
11.97" x 0.47" x 7.46"
System Weight (w/Std. Battery, lb.)
1.96 lb.
1 Year Standard Parts and Labor


Samsung ATIV 700T Testing - Features:

I'm going to break this first section of testing down into a few different categories where I go over individual components of this system.



The ATIV 700T features an Intel Core i5-3317U Dual-Core CPU running at 1.7GHz. If you would have told me it was possible to be running a dual-core 1.7GHz CPU in a tablet this small a few years ago I would have called you crazy.

This CPU packs a serious punch and really makes the ATIV 700T function and feel more like a notebook than a tablet.

Hard Drive:

The ATIV 700T comes with a 128GB SSD. Unfortunately this is not upgradeable or available in larger sizes at this time, but for the majority of people, you should be able to survive with 128GB of storage space.


Where do we start?

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 1 Micro SD card slot
  • 1 USB 3.0 Port on the tablet, 2 USB 2.0 ports on the keyboard dock
  • Headphone/Microphone Combo Jack
  • Front 2.0 MP Camera
  • Rear 5.0 MP Camera
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n Wireless LAN
  • Intel WiDi Connectivity
  • Samsung S-Pen

Basically everything your notebook has (and maybe even more).  As I mentioned before, the S-Pen is a great addition to this tablet and after using it for a while probably will become your favorite too.

They keyboard/dock on the ATIV 700T appears to be pretty much identical to the ATIV 500T.

I wouldn't say the keyboard is the best I've ever tested, but it is more than adequate and is overall pretty comfortable and very comparable to other Samsung notebook offerings. I wouldn't want to write a novel using the ATIV 700T's keyboard, but you should have no problems typing emails and other important tasks.

The hinging/docking mechanism is decent enough, although I did find that every once and a while if you were moving the unit around you would hear Windows un-detect and then re-detect the keyboard dock. The hinge on the ATIV 700T seems solid enough, but obviously you are going to want to be careful with it as I would assume a fall could break the mechanism that holds the tablet to the dock. 



The ATIV 700T features an 11.6" 1920x1080 (1080P) screen. I'm personally a fan of high resolution screens, and with an 11.6" 1080P screen I found the ATIV 700T to be drool-worthy. 

For some the screen might almost be "too high resolution" as the icons and text can become quite small when running at its native 1920x1080 resolution, but overall I'd say most people will appreciate the high resolution screen.

The one drawback that both the ATIV 500T and 700T have is the amount you can tilt the screen back. When sitting on a desk or tablet, the screen tilts back far enough to give you a good viewing angle, but if you set it on your lap it is tough to get a good viewing angle due to how far back the screen will tilt. Most people might not even notice, but if like sitting on the couch with your laptop on your lap, the lack of tilt is a bit annoying.


Overall the sound that the ATIV 700T produces is about as good as can be expected for a tablet. It's not going to blow your socks off, but it is more than adequate if you want to watch a movie or listen to some music in a relatively quiet room.



The battery life on the ATIV 700T isn't as bad as I thought it would be, and on average with light usage I was able to attain between 4-5 hours of use on a single charge. Obviously if you are running the system full out that number will drop significantly, but overall for a system that is powerful enough to be a laptop, the battery life receives top marks from me.



Specifications-wise there really isn't too much Samsung forgot with the ATIV 700T, they've loaded this unit up with all the features that most notebooks have today.  Even though the ATIV 700T is technically a tablet, it performs more like a notebook so to be fair I should probably call it a Notelet or maybe a Tabbook.


Testing - Benchmarks:






SuperPI tests the CPU very heavily, and as you can see in the chart above, the ATIV 700T comes in right around the middle. When compared to the ATIV 500T, the 700T is obviously much faster thanks to the Intel i5 CPU, but when compared to other ultrabooks it's obvious it just doesn't have the same CPU horsepower.


PMCore 1.5



Much like SuperPi, PMCore tests the CPU of a system. Much like the chart above (SuperPi), the PMCore results were much the same. The ATIV 700T fell short of the numbers that we saw with the Lenovo X1 Carbon and Samsung Series 5 Ultrabooks, but it was able to destroy the slower ATIV 500T in terms of CPU performance.



3DMark06 tests the overall system performance with the focus being on gaming. The ATIV 700T has an Intel i5 CPU with Intel HD 4000 graphics, which would be similar to most mid-level notebooks. 3DMark06 is a few years old now, but we continue to include it so that we can show how new systems compare to older notebooks we've reviewed in the past.



Obviously the ATIV 700T isn't being sold as a gaming system, so it's not surprising that the 3DMark06 results are what they are. 

The results are much the same as the first couple tests, the ATIV 700T destroys the ATIV 500T in terms of performance, yet still falls well short of the other notebooks and Ultrabooks we've reviewed. 

Overall I'm still impressed that a tablet like the ATIV 700T can come anywhere close to the performance of an Ultrabook. This type of performance should allow you to play most older games without any issues on the ATIV 700T.



3DMark is the latest version from Futuremark and tests the overall system performance with a large emphasis put on gaming performance.


Obviously after the first 3 benchmarks we have a pretty good idea of where the ATIV 700T is going to come in at. The ATIV 700T was able to complete all 3 tests (the ATIV 500T was only able to complete 1 test) which for a tablet is pretty impressive.

PCMark 7

PCMark 7 is a synthetic benchmark that tests the overall performance of your system with an emphasis put on desktop usage.



As was the case in all of the other benchmarks, the ATIV 700T come in right in the middle of the chart. Compared to the ATIV 500T, the ATIV 700T scored much higher, yet when compared to an Ultrabook, fell short.

Still, like I mentioned numerous times in this section, when you remember the fact that the ATIV 700T is a tablet, the results are quite impressive. 


Benchmarking Conclusion

If we compare the ATIV 500T vs. the ATIV 700T the results are no doubt in favor of the 700T which isn't too surprising since it features an Intel i5 CPU vs. the Intel Atom CPU that the 500T has. 

The ATIV 700T fell short of other Ultrabooks that we've tested, but overall the performance was very good and probably very comparable to most mid-level notebooks that are available today.

If you are simply looking for performance, then probably neither of these ATIV products are for you, and chances are good you will be going for an Ultrabook or Notebook, which for the same price as the ATIV 700T will offer better performance.

In the end, the ATIV 700T is pretty impressive when you remember the fact that it's a tablet! Sure the numbers didn't break any records, but when you consider just how small the ATIV 700T is, the results are quite astounding.


Samsung ATIV 700T Final Thoughts:

A few weeks ago I had the chance to take a look at the ATIV 500T from Samsung which I found overall to be a good device for someone looking for a Windows 8 tablet that has a keyboard dock. The performance wasn't mind-blowing, but for ~$600 USD the ATIV 500T might be a great choice for someone looking for a tablet that can also perform light desktop tasks.

Today I looked at the "Pro" version of the ATIV lineup, the 700T model. In comparison to the 500T, the ATIV 700T is more of a laptop in terms of performance and thanks to the Intel Core i5 CPU that is included; the overall experience was very good. The ATIV 700T features a faster CPU, better screen, larger hard drive, more memory, and a few other features that the 500T doesn't, but naturally as a result costs almost ~$1000 USD. 

Even though the ATIV 500T and 700T are in the same product lineup, they are actually quite different devices that will appeal to completely different people.

The ATIV 500T is made for someone who wants a Windows 8 tablet, but still wants notebook capabilities. The ATIV 700T is made for someone who wants a Windows 8 notebook, but still wants tablet capabilities. 

So thanks to the extra features and much better performance, does that make the ATIV 700T the winner? 

As far as value goes, when the ATIV 700T originally launched it was selling for almost $1200 USD. At time of publishing we were able to find the ATIV 700T online for ~$1000 USD which isn't cheap, but is now around the same price as other mid-range Ultrabooks. At $1000, the ATIV 700T is a pretty expensive tablet, but thanks to the keyboard dock and notebook-like performance and notebook-like features, the ATIV 700T is competitively priced.

Features and hardware-wise, the ATIV 700T is more of an Ultrabook than a tablet. With an Intel i5 CPU, 128GB SSD, 4GB DDR3 RAM, USB 3.0, and an 11.6" 1080P screen, the ATIV 700T is very comparable to most mid-level notebook systems. When it comes to features, the ATIV 700T is pretty jam-packed 

When it comes to user experience I must say I was overall very impressed with the ATIV 700T. I've played with some Windows 8 tablets that leave something to be desired in terms of performance, but the ATIV 700T thanks to its beefy specifications handles Windows 8 like a champ and provides a very smooth user experience.

At the end of the day we were overall very impressed with the Samsung ATIV 700T Pro Smart Tablet. Thanks to the great performance, tons of features, and smooth user experience we have awarded the Samsung ATIV 700T our "Editor's Choice - Silver" award. The ATIV 700T might not be for everyone, but if you are looking for a new Notebook/Ultrabook but also want built-in tablet features all in one package, then the ATIV 700T from Samsung might just be the product you've been searching for.  



  • Great Performance

  • Tablet works well

  • Dock is well-built

  • 1920x1080 Touchscreen

  • Includes Samsung S-Pen



  • Not for Everyone

  • When docked, screen doesn’t tilt back very far



I'd like to thank Samsung for letting us take a look at the ATIV 700TIf you have any questions, comments, or general feedback, please reply below.